A New Book

A New Book "Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Peace"

Yes, the new book  “Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Peace” is almost here. The printing press is warming up, the chapters have been proofread and the designs are finalized! “Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Peace” is compiled from interviews, informal talks and discourses delivered by one of the most notable proponents of the bhakti-yoga philosophy and practice in modern times, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.


The book invites the reader to join the author on a journey to discovering pure bhakti-yoga, and be inspired by his own exemplary service to, and description of, the sacred path.

Topics include:  

    The Philosophy of Love
    God, Love & Reincarnation
    Mantra of Divine Love
    “In His Own Image”
    and more

With this book we hope to put a valuable, high-quality book in the hands of our readers; a book that any sincere spiritual seeker should have on their bookshelf.

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