The soul in illusion

The Jiva in Maya (The soul in illusion)

Apart from the ever-liberated devotees, there are the conditioned souls who always turn away from the service of the Lord. They are perpetually conditioned in this material world and are subjected to the material tribulations brought about by different bodily forms in hellish conditions.

Due to his being opposed to Krsna consciousness, the conditioned soul ispunished by the witch of the external energy, maya. He is thus ready to suffer the threefold miseries; brought about by the body and mind, the inimical behavior of other living entities and natural disturbances caused by the demigods.

In this way the conditioned soul becomes the servant of lusty desires, and when these are not fulfilled, he becomes a servant of anger and continues to be kicked by the external energy, maya. Wandering and wandering throughout the universe, he may by chance get the association of a devotee physician, whose instructions and hymns make the witch of external energy flee.

The conditioned soul thus gets into touch with the devotional service of Lord Krsna, and in this way he can approach nearer and nearer to the Lord.

C.C. Madhya Lila 22, 12-15

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