Thursday the 23th January

6.45 pm – 9.00pm The Riby Resource Centre

41-43 Kent St, Grimsby DN32 7DH North East Lincolnshire.

Bhakti Meditations. 

We are inside the Community Room.

Please arrive at 6.45pm.

The front entrance is closed. Come in through the entrance at the back of the building from the car park.

Everything is fully lit, its impossible to miss.

Entrance free, free refreshments provided.


We are asking for a donation of £2.50 towards cost, but no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.


In 2014 we hold our programs on Thursday evenings 6.45pm, on a weekly basis as a recurring event.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga when practiced regularly and properly, creates the experience of harmony and bliss within ones heart and consciousness.

It is not a transformation of consciousness, or an artificial imposition on the mind, it is much better and natural, because it reveals the wonderful beauty which is already within you. It is what you have been searching for all along.

Devotional service to God and meditation (chanting ) His Name, is the key that removes the veil of material identifications and reveals the divine insight and bliss you always felt was missing in your life.

Others meditate using some material technique focusing on a dot, or try to meditate on nothingness which does not have any results other then some basic relaxation.

Thats is okay but not anything special. Krishnas devotees meditate instead on Lord Krishna and His Holy Name, because the benefits are sublime and are tangible personal transcendental gifts, observed and evaluated within, by your own self. In other words, the Bhakti experience will leave you convinced that you have finally arrived at the right path, by using your own judgment and realization. This is not something any undue outside influence or manipulation can ever achieve. It takes a little practice and patience, not too long, but its well worth the time.

Faith in the process and power of bhakti, arrives automatically via your own personal internal experience and observation. Now you feel better, feel more balanced, feel more happy and experience in a very natural way, more and more the real beautiful you, together with Lord Krishna of whom you are an eternal part and particle. The soul is part of God forever and you are His, a spiritual soul. The body is a temporary covering which may last a 100 years and which can never give anyone the pleasure and sublime heights of love and bliss you the soul can experience. You are a spirit soul and not this body and your life is meant to realize that.

You will experience six Bhakti meditations

Bhajan: Ten Minutes live Music meditation

Talk: A short 15 minutes introduction to the practice of Jappa Mantra sound meditation or another interesting spiritual subject.

Jappa: 15 minutes of Mantra sound meditation Man means mind and tra means to free. To free the mind.

Visnoh smaranam: Ten minutes of guided meditation upon a deep and enriching truth.

Kirtan: Ten minutes of live Music meditation.

Arcanam: 15 Minutes of Arti. The Highlight of the evening. A lovely devotional ceremony to difficult to explain here with the limited space we have.

Ending with Vegetarian snacks and socialising.

Finish 9 pm

How to find us

Arriving by public transport.

Kent Street is the second street left in Freeman street looking from the fly-over. Bus services 13, 9 not 9a

By car

Kent street is a one way system. Come in from Albion street.

Albion street runs parallel with Freeman street.

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