Krishna Consciousness Is A Science

Krishna Consciousness Is A Science.
By Devarsi

The Hare Krishna Philosophy is more a science and philosophy than a religion and is factually better described as a science; we are Vaishnavas, teachers of the science of self realization and the study of consciousness. Religion can include or exclude. We're open to everybody. Some people think that we are Hindus because this science originated in India, but we are not Hindus. This science of self realization has been in existence tens of thousands years before Hinduism and is explained in the oldest philosophical literature of the World the Vedas, it is completely timeless and ever fresh, independent of any social or political circumstances.

It is a release from the materialistic effects of this age and does not depend on anyone’s faith, colour, or nationality. All life must have naturally and logically the same source and we believe that when we are consciously connected with that original source of life, that we are properly situated and can make real progress towards pure love and happiness. We like to promote the idea of such love and peace and a better world. We are also fully vegetarian, opposed to killing or harming life in whatever shape it appears. In the whole ancient history of Vaishnavism there has never ever been an occasion where Vaishnavas have attacked another religion, society or country. Our life style is based on simple living and high thinking. We are completely non sectarian and also completely non political.

We are a serving society and have a deep desire to understand more about our real meaning in this world and our existence. Our idea is not to convert people from other religions or faith, or to be in competition with them, we simply disperse information from the Vedas and whatever people do with it, is up to them. We are also a non profit making society and registered charity, all our public outreach programs depend on donations.

Life is hard in this world and we try and teach others how to meditate and have a peaceful existence. Most people do not know how much more fulfilled and at home they could be with each other, if they would consider to adapt even a small aspect from this ancient philosophy into their life’s. Inside, we're all the same, no matter who we are or where we come from, the human society is one big family, no matter what our race, colour or religion is. Everyone wants to become happy, everyone is fed up with wars and conflicts. Somehow, we will be getting there and Krishna Consciousness is very supportive and helping to achieve this. It is something everybody can do.

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